About Rosenthal Schoor


Rosenthal Schoor sprang from a coffee table challenge. Erika Rosenthal was an established Chief Marketing Officer; Mike Schoor was an established C-level Executive Recruiter and Sales Coach. One morning over coffee, Erika and Mike discussed the joys and challenges of consulting for busy executives. The joy was solving problems; the challenge was competing for airtime. No matter the industry – Presidents and CEOs are looking for efficiency. Every company markets in two ways: through its marketing plan and through its people. Together, Rosenthal Schoor supports both.

“We can add exponential value for the same clients. People. Passion. Purpose”, Mike said before spilling coffee (because whatever Rosenthal Schoor does, they do enthusiastically). “Servant leadership is at the heart of what we do,” Erika said. “It’s a simple philosophy: Do great things for great people and move the needle forward.”


“In all we do — we are Servant Leaders.”

Our Staff

Erika Rosenthal

With over 25 years in marketing, Erika is an integrated marketer specializing in gaining higher ROI from marketing investment through positions of brand strength, lead generation and quantitative key performance indicators. Read More

Michael Schoor

Mike Schoor works as a retained or contingency-based Executive Recruiter for an interesting array of confidential global and regional companies. To distinguish himself, he takes an active personal interest in his clients’ companies and lives. Read More

Laura Meshwork, RN

Director of Research/Recruiter

Maddy Cermin

Executive Recruiter

Steffon Sharpless

Executive Recruiter

David Nunes

Mike’s Original Sidekick

Mia Vazquez Scales


Susan Harris